About Me

I love reading!  I love reading books at night just before bed as a way to settle down after a busy day.  I love talking about books that I’ve read.  I’m in a couple of book clubs with friends.  I decided I would start this blog, mostly for myself to put into words how I felt about the books I’m reading, but also to share with others and perhaps get feedback and discuss with others.  Writing the discussion questions at the end helps to think about the book in the other way, but also to think of how a book club might discuss the book or how a parent might engage conversation with children about the book.

I work part-time in the medical field and have 3 young children. Life is busy, but I love to read.  My interests aside from reading include yoga, running, skiing, travelling, fine wine and spending time with my family and children.

This is where I talk about what I’m reading.  Please comment, add to what I write, ask questions, offer suggestions.  This is just for fun, but I hate to just read a book and move on.

sharing a love of books


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