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“Owly Vol.1: The Way Home and The Bittersweet Summer” by Andy Runton

Pages:  160

Published: September 29, 2004

Format:  Softcover book





I chose to read this book because of it’s description as an “all ages comic book,” in order to help complete this year’s Book Riot Read Harder Challenge.  I was surprised when it arrived to see exactly how few words this book contained.  The animals make noises and occasionally there are words shown from a book one of the animals is reading, but that’s about it.    Conversations are conveyed through bubbles containing pictures.  Emotions are expressed by way of pictures. I found it pretty incredible that so much could be conveyed without words and with some fairly simplistic depictions.

This book is composed of two novellas, each in comic book style.  In the first, Owly, the charming main character, is out to help others and make friends.  He puts birdseed out for the birds.  He frees captured fireflies.  He rescues Wormy from nearly drowning in a puddle during a rainstorm and stays up all night making sure he is ok.  The next day he helps Wormy find his parents.  In the second novella, Owly and Wormy go out of their way to research and find the right food for two hungry hummingbirds.  Owly also must learn to let go in this story, as the hummingbirds must migrate south for the summer.   Owly’s good deeds do not go unnoticed and those he has helped become his loyal friends, destined to return even if flying far away.

These are truly heartwarming, enchanting tales of friendship and kindness.  I read this with my 4 year old daughter who summed the book up in one word, “awesome.”  I look forward to reading more of Owly in the future. 

Andy Runton’s website – contains teaching tools, coloring sheets, animation shorts and much more!

“Girl Over Paris #1” (Cirque American #1) by Gwenda Bond



Published:  July 5, 2016






Comic books are not usually on my “to-read” shelf, but I picked this one up to read as part of Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge.   That being said, it was fun to sit on the couch and read this while my son was reading one of his “Big Nate” graphic novels.  We promised to trade afterwards.

Not being a comic book connoisseur, it is a bit difficult to discuss this book.  However, as a newbie, I will give it a try.  Thematically this comic is aimed at female teenagers, however it would not be disturbing in any way for a younger reader (8+).  The heroine in this comic is a tight rope walker, who has an enemy who is yet to be discovered.  This first comic in the series sets the stage, as she travels to Paris by plane with her agent, boyfriend and boyfriend’s sister.  The illustrations are great.  It was fun to read.  I do think it would be loved by teenage girls, especially those who have been brought up on comics and graphic novels.  There is a hook here, and even though comics are not in my usual repertoire, I may continue this series.  3-stars